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New Minecraft Enderman and Creeper Wall Stickers

Minecraft Enderman Creeper Wall Sticker We've just listed on our website a new line of Minecraft Enderman and Creeper wall stickers. The Minions have been working their fingers to the bone search for new, quality products to bring you. And they've done it! whoohoo! Well done you hard working Minions. These impressive wall stickers are guaranteed to delight any Minecraft fan.  

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Happy New Year!

The Minions and I would like to wish (belatedly) a fantastic Christmas and a remarkable 2015! We had a short break over the holidays and now we're back working hard (well, the Minions are at least) to bring you some terrific stickers in the coming months. We have new Minecraft stickers on their way and more Baby On Board sticker designs coming too. So make sure you like us on Facebook ( or visit our site regularly and you'll be up to date with our news.

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Baby on Board Stickers

We have new stock of a brand new and unique design for Star Wars, Disney Babies and Sesame Street fans. Only $6.95 + P&H. And for the Disney Babies fans....        Order now before the Xmas cutoff!   And for the Sesame Street fans    

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New Stickers! Just in Time For Christmas

Our minions have been busier than elves on Christmas Eve! They have been creating and processing new stickers and new designs so that Santa has plenty of choice to deliver. We're now stocking: Baby on board - with a sci-fi slant Baby on board - Disney and Sesame Street New Minecraft stickers! Beard stickers (Fear the Beard) Customised Christmas Stickers (Hurry - only 10 days left) Vinyl cut stickers (new designs every week) New Peppa Pig Stickers are coming this week! Be sure to check out our complete range as these stickers make great Christmas presents.  

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Vinyl Cut Stickers

We are now producing our own Vinyl Cut Stickers! The minions have been hard at work bringing this new aspect of the Sticker Depot to life. (Well done minions!) Available in black and white (more colours coming soon) and different sizes. Thge minions will be adding more and more designs over the next couple of weeks.   If you want something specific or customised please contact us and we'll get it done for you.  

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Product Reviews

In an ever increasing quest to bring you bigger and better services and products, our minions have been hard at work adding a review section on all our products. If you buy one of our great products why not give us a review....

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Personalised Birthday Banners

We have PERSONALISED BIRTHDAY BANNERS! Are you excited? We are! The minions have been working all through the night (I allowed them a break for 5 mins to eat and drink) to bring you these fantastic products. (yay minions!) There's heaps of designs: Minecraft, Frozen, Mario Bros, Batman just to name a few. Head over to The Sticker Depot to choose your favourite. Go now! Rush. The minions are waiting for your orders,

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